Posted by: dubplaterescue | October 23, 2009

Album Master – Shabu and Pepe – Compartiendo released in Spain.

Little Pepe & Shabu release their first official Album called “Compartiendo”.

All tracks were mastered by dubplaterescues senior engineer Tobias Loy.
This is the first full album – mastered by
Tracks from compartiendo are  played on Spain’s national radio – Radio 3 already
amongst other nation wide stations. The official release date of the CD is October 27th. 2009.

Shabu Pepe Compartiendo

Sample Track: Siguen cayendo:

Sample Track: Tu eres mi forza:

LITTLE PEPE & SHABU – hailing from the Andalucían Málaga – two of the most original and promising voices of Spanish Reggae, announce their first official album release. It comes as a a split album called “Compartiendo” (“Sharing”). All 15 tracks were produced by also Málaga-based RAS JOUQMAHI and edited by GERMAICA IBERIA, the recently created Spanish sub-branch of the prestigious European Reggae label GERMAICAN RECORDS from Leipzig/Saxony. The distribution will be handled by the Spanish No.1 in Urban music BOA.

Apart from being the first release for both artists, whose success was rooted until now in a particular good response from the internet fan-community, we find ourselves in front of the very first work with the characteristics of a split album in Spain: two melodic voices singing conscious lyrics with deep messages upon musical compositions from a producer “multi-instrumentalist” who after years of experience has created a fresh and distinctive sound.

“Compartiendo” counts with a well balanced and symmetric structure, regarding both format as well as content. The opening intro is also the only combination of both singers, followed by 14 more tracks, 7 of each singer (sometimes on the same rhythm track), in an alternate order.

This appearently rigid frame blurs away once inside the organic and polichromatic universe of the album, listening to it as an undividable unit, charged with countless subtile decorative ornaments.



Radio Show Radio3 featuring tunes and interviews on Compartiendo (spanish)

Little Pepe official myspace

Shabu official myspace


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