About us

The Mastermind

Tobias Loy is the founder and mastermind of dubplaterescue.com. Starting with mixing for his own soundsystem in 2001, soon other sounds realized his qualities as an mixing engineer. In 2004 he founded his own recording and mixing studio in Leipzig Germany.

Over the years he worked as recording & mixing engineer for  various Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall productions. He recorded and mixed dubplates for sounds from all over the world, with artistes like: Spectacular (JA), Lloyd Brown (UK), Million Stylez (SE), Ill Inspecta (DE), Lexie Lee (JA/USA), East West Rockers (PL) and many more.

However in 2007 he decided to park the recording section of his studio and get even more into mixing and mastering. Since 2009 he is junior producer at Europes baddest dancehall label – “Germaica”. Rightnow he is working on the degree of bachalor of engineering (for audio and media) at university of applied sciences Mittweida (Germany).

With his expierence in audio-editing and his vibe for Reggae, Dancehall and HipHop he will ensure that you will get the best possible result out of your tunes.

Dirk Ziervogel

is more than a sidekick at dubplaterescue. From their early days in studio Dirk Ziervogel and Tobias Loy developed a great frendship and a lot of respect for their works as audio engineers. However Dirk Ziervogel always represented the more audiophile part of the two. He is specialised in Stereo-Microphonics, Audio-Restauration and subtile mastering. In 2008 he earned his Audio-Engineers degree since that year he is also working for Hodam Productions (a live mixing, radio broadcasts and mastering company).


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